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BoomDock is Better than EVER with BoomDock V2

With both safety and accessibility our primary goals, we have developed the BoomDock V2. The BoomDock V2 sports a longer design and has more customization options between trigger guards and locking mechanisms. Rest easy knowing that you can protect what matters with BoomDock V2!

The ORIGINAL Secure Docking Station for Long guns

BoomDock will provide a child safe, quick access storage unit for nearly every home defense rifle or shotgun. Side saddles, optics, and other accessories are not a problem due to the customizable model. BoomDock mounts easily to flat surfaces and configures quickly to fit your home, giving you the peace of mind you need, yet rapid access for emergency situations.

BoomDock Helps Keep Your Family Safe

There were over 2.1 million home invasions last year with 23% of those happening while somebody was home.

With patented design, BoomDock safely stores your gun to keep it out of unwanted hands, but still grants quick access for the times when you need it. Using a 4 digit pin, or a highly secure RFID card, you are able to unlock your firearm in under 3 seconds.

Multiple Possibilities

BoomDock was designed to secure many different types of firearms. Quickly store any shotgun, rifle or other long gun with the accessories provided with BoomDock.



What Our Customers are Saying

…This is no compromise…. It’s safe for the family, secure to intruders, and very accessible if the time ever came and it was needed.


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This is perfect for my living situation!


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Proudly made in the USA